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Our passion for excellence stems from our passion for people. The warmth in our environment is expressed through our dedicated physicians and trained staff. Established in 2003, we at the MasterCell centre are proud to be one of the pioneers in stem cell therapy having developed internationally acclaimed protocols only offered by our physicians. Dr. Soraya Felix is the principal physician underpinning centre.

At the MasterCell centre, we are able to offer patients access to cutting edge adipose and bone marrow stem cell therapy for an array of objectives, whether you require treatment for a crippling condition or you may be looking to enhance your general health and longevity of life. By exclusively utilising our Stem Cell Centre of Excellence, we offer patients access to stem cell treatments with a level of quality and patient-centric care that simply cannot be found elsewhere. MasterCell centre utilises highly qualified physicians in an official surgical centre accompanied by PhD medical scientists and allied health team to ensure a positive treatment plan for every patient. The highly sought after team is consistently refining and processing protocols to always be ahead of other clinics and practitioners. Our cutting-edge protocols utilise targeted administration methods and the latest activation methods to ensure the safest most effective stem cell treatments possible. We are also conducting our very own clinical studies and through these stem cell therapy studies, we hope to provide patients with options that may change the course of their lives as well as the course of their disease.

The practice was built upon sound foundations with specialised knowledge spanning across several countries. The professional coalition Dr Soraya Felix has established internationally is part of the driving force behind the success of the centre. The vast majority of patients are referrals from existing long term patients or from colleague physicians. The MasterCell Clinic has state-of-the-art facilities and medical equipment, accompanied with a high level of service and the latest advancements in all areas of medical expertise.